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Quotations about accomplishment and how to be an accomplished person

Grenville Kleiser – Judged by your accomplishments

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One of the most insistent things in life is that you are ultimately judged by what you actually accomplish. The busy world of workers gives scant attention to assertion, explanation, protest, apology or complaint. What counts most is not promise, but performance. Good work speaks for itself, therefore achieve something first, and talk about it afterward if you must. Time spent in promises, regrets, and professions, is usually unavailing. The way to do things is not to dream about them nor wish for them, but to do them. The distinguished men in all times have been prodigious workers, earnestly intent upon securing actual results.

Grenville Kleiser   (1868-1935)

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Victor Hugo – Fame must have enemies

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Victor HugoYou have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. It is the cloud which thunders around everything that shines. Fame must have enemies, as light must have gnats. Do not bother yourself about it; disdain. Keep your mind serene as you keep your life clear.

Victor Hugo